I was born in 1952 but I started to practise sculpture only a few years ago. I am involved in creation of memorials from the beginning of 90s.
The close connection to arts has its origin in my childhood. I mastered the basis of sculpture and the technique of statue casting from my father who had also been making carvings from stone and wood. I often visited Löffler Béla sculptors workroom who was a close friend of my father.

I practised drawing with the help of my mother who devoted plenty of time to painting. We attended lessons of drawing under the leadership of the painter Dr. Szamuelisz in the 50s. I started to use my creativity in my profession by producing different memorials of world war victims in villages (Buzica, Chorváty, Komárovce, Drienovec, Hosťovce etc.)

First of my memorials can be found in Košice at Márai Sándor elementary and highschool. It was placed to keep the memory of the writer Rácz Olivér. The Fábry Zoltán memorial was created for the request of Csemadok in my hometown.

The "Girl drawing water" sculpture - which was carved in 2005 - opened the series of many other sculpture I created for my own pleasure

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